Why Searches for Chiropractor Near Me Don’t Always Return the Best Results

We live at a time when it has never been easier to find things out. We have at our fingertips the answer to just about any question we can think of, but this can be as confusing as it is enlightening. When every search yields pages upon pages of results, it can be tricky to source the information you truly need. This can be especially true when looking for a chiropractor. With so many possibilities, it is understandable that your natural inclination might be to simply search for ‘chiropractor near me’. However, this won’t necessarily lead to the help you…

Our bodies are designed to live easily into our 100s. Further, we are not supposed to wither away and deteriorate. We are designed to live healthy and happy lives and then just die. There is not supposed to be a decades long process where everything falls apart and we suffer.

Here are Five Simple Rules to follow to not only get you to 100…but to get you there healthily.


Now I know Simple is not Easy. And we are busy right? Well, I am going to GIVE you more years if you do these Five Simple (but not easy) things consistently. You’re not too busy to live longer are you?

Ok so The Number One Rule is: Slow Down!

This is one I’ve been reading more and…

Could your favorite sleeping position be causing your neck or back pain? It’s common knowledge that a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy life. While we’re catching z’s, our bodies are hard at work releasing essential hormones, giving our nervous systems some much needed relaxation, and boosting our immune systems. And while it seems logical to fall asleep in the position that’s most immediately comfortable to you, your go-to sleeping posture could be causing your neck and back pain.

As a chiropractor, I get asked on a daily basis my…

Surprising Tips For Pain-Free Work Posture

No matter how old you are or whether you work from home or at an office, odds are you spend most of your day sitting. We’re talking hours and hours of sitting. With the exception of a few walks to the breakroom or, if you work from home, the kitchen. And while we all know that proper work posture means sitting up straight, shoulders back, chin up…it’s a lot easier said than done. These days, with more and more of us working from home, it’s important to be aware of posture pitfalls and how to prevent or correct them. …

We have become a nation and a world of wanting and needing quick fixes…particularly with our health. Everything is moving at hyper-speed and many of us are neglecting what is most important — our health. Rather than look at symptoms as an alarm system and our body telling us that something is wrong, many resort to medication and ignore it to get back to our busy lives. We don’t think this way at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic in Horsham PA. Many of our patients have reduced their medication while under care. Because their bodies are better able to function, heal, and…

Back Pain and Sciatica are no fun, right? No one wants to tolerate pain, discomfort, overwhelm, sleepless nights, etc. We put this Hamstring Stretch Video together for you. So, you can try out this stretch that has helped many of our patients with their Back Pain and Sciatica.

The next thing that we’re gonna do here is the hamstring. The hamstring is very important, especially the hamstring is the posterior part of the leg. We’re gonna do it two ways. We’re gonna do it bent leg and then more advanced in the straight leg.

How to Properly Perform a Hamstring Stretch

And that’s to target different areas…

The Genesis Chiropractic Experience as told from one of our patients who got great results with his neck and nerve pain.

What prompted you to make an appointment?

I had a really bad compressed nerve in my cervical spine. The C6. So that was leading to a lot of complications. Nerve Pain, inflammation, and probably about three to four months solid of chronic pain. And I tried so many different pain remedies and inflammation medications. My doctor gave me different trigger point injections. Nothing was working, so I decided I would try a chiropractor.

What was your experience at Genesis Chiropractic like?

The place is really clean. The staff is really friendly. Dr. Fish is…

Bursitis is a condition where there is inflammation of the bursae. A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sacs. It cushions the tendons, bones, and muscles near your joints. Bursitis is most common location is in the shoulder, elbow, knees, and hip. Pain and swelling are common symptoms. You may also experience joint tenderness. Chiropractic is a natural solution to relieve and prevent bursitis symptoms.

Understanding Bursitis

Bursitis is most common among those over 40. It is often a result of repetitive motions during activities that people engage in. For example sports such as tennis, golf, skiing, or baseball pitching. Bursitis can also…

Experience an Adjustment Day for yourself! Here are a few videos showing part of an adjustment at our office. Everyone is unique so every adjustment will be different based on what we are trying to accomplish.

Experience A Chiropractic Adjustment

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we do in our office for you is called an Adjustment. Adjustments will be specific and scientific to you based on your x-ray findings and Exam. This is the ONLY procedure to offload gravity to get your bones moving again to restore input to your brain. …

We’ve all experienced it. We were in pain, then get adjusted (sometimes just once, sometimes a group of sessions) then we were out of pain. What happened? Why? I will explain why chiropractic works so well for getting rid of your pain.

Some people (most people) like to simply enjoy better health and better feeling without knowing why. But for my fellow analyticals that need to know…this info on why chiropractic works is for you.

Warning: Extreme Nerd Alert.

It boils down to three words. Don’t worry, a plain English Translation will follow.

Mechanoreception inhibits Nociception.

Let me explain:

It first starts with the knowledge that our…

Gene Fish, D.C.

Chiropractor in Horsham, PA.

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